Affiliate Program for our Hosting services

Virtono Networks has a new affiliate program with hot features, such us affiliate coupons. You can share the link or share an affiliate coupon to earn credit in your virtono account. You can use the credit to pay invoices, order new services or you can withdraw it to your paypal account.

How you earn?

You can share your affiliate link, a coupon code or even both. Bellow we will explain how each of them works:

1. Affiliate Link

When a visitor clicks on an affiliate link they'll be taken to our site and a cookie is saved to their computer. If the visitor then places an order with the cookie present (by default the cookie lasts for 3 months) then you earn a commission, without them having to click the affiliate's unique link every time.

2. Affiliate Coupons

You have the option in the client area to create coupon codes to offer to your visitors in order to get a discount on virtono services. When a visitor is ordering a new service from us and uses the coupon code you have created, the new customers receives a discount and the affiliate is earning the commission.

How much you earn?

By default our system will add 20% to the affiliates account on recurring basis, so that means that if you referred a new customer, you will receive 20% of what that clients pays to us as long as it remains our customer.

Example: With the 20% affiliate plan, if you referred, let's say just 5 Professional VDS, you get 8 for each, that's 40 euros in your first month. If you keep the same number of referred customers, the next month you will earn 80 euros, and in 1year you will earn 480Euros monthly for just linking to our website!

However, for those who wants to earn quicker, you can get paid one time only up to 60% from what the referred customer is paying first time.
We are open to any collaboration, if you think you can bring more customers and you want a custom affiliate program, just contact us!

How to become an affiliate?

If you are already an virtono client, login to your client area and go to affiliates button and click "activate affiliate account".
If you are not a virtono client, register and follow the steps above.

How to promote?

Share the affiliate link and coupon codes where you can. You can use the affiliate link in your forum signature, you can create a blog post, an advertorial or add the link to your website. You can also add a banner into your website (contact us and we will provide the code for it).
We recommend first to visit this page and change the landing page to the service you want to promote, or just to .

How to get paid?

Depending on your affiliate plan, you will get credit to your balance. You can ask for withdrawal after reaching 100Eur in your balance from the affiliate page in your client area.

More info

If you want more information, if you want to negociate a custom affiliate plan or you just want to help us improve the affiliate system, just contact us.

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